About me and my blog

Hey Darlings!
Welcome to my blog! On this page, I'm going to tell you a little bit about myself and my blog.
My name is Floor and I'm 14 years old. My blog is about everything I love and the things that come up in my life. That's also the reason why my blog is called justmylifeandstuff17. The 17 stands for the day I was born, January 17th.
The girl in the picture above this post, that's me. Although there are a lot of pictures of me on my blog, I do not think I'm pretty. Those pictures are mostly to show an outfit or a makeup look that I'm wearing. 
Just wanted to make sure you don't get the wrong impression. =)

I have a younger sister, who's 12 years old. Our parents are divorced, which can be quite unhandy (I forget important stuff all the time...) and a have a cat who sleeps all day and is afraid of everything.
We live in The Netherlands, so we speak Dutch. That means English is not my first language. I try to make as less mistakes as possible, but I'm just a human, so don't judge.

I hope you all like my blog. If you want to follow me on my other social media accounts (which I think would be really sweet if you do), you can click on one of the buttons on the sidebar, or go to my contact page.


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