I broke my ankle...

Hey Darlings,

Last Saturday, something bad happened. I was longboarding, but way too fast. I was going down a hill and I couldn't stop... I fell of my longboard.

If you follow me on twitter, you already know my leg's in gypsum right now.
After the fall, my right leg looked like this and I couldn't stand up because my left ankle hurted a lot. Luckily, I was really close to my house, so I called my mom and her boyfriend and they came to pick me up.
At home I got carried to the couch so I could rest. But my ankle continued hurting, so we called the doctor.

This is me getting out of the hospital at 11:30 PM. It seriously took us two and half an hour to get a X-ray and a bandage. They said my ankle wasn't broken, only sprained.

They next day we got a call if we could come back to the hospital for another scan, because they weren't sure if there was absolutely nothing wrong.
It turned out my ankle was broken! I can't tell what exactly what part of my ankle is broken, because it's a really difficult name, but it's a bone that helps  to move your foot.
They gave me gypsum and next week I have to go back to get further information.

And this is my leg right now. It hurts a lot, even if I don't move, but it doesn't hurt as much as it did Saturday. The big graze on my right leg also hurts very bad, so I hope it heals soon.


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