Singapore holiday

Hey Darlings,

As you know, I went on holiday to Singapore, and it was an amazing holiday! It is a beautiful country and all the people were so nice. We stayed at a friend of my dad's house, so they brought us to many local places where you wouldn't come as a tourist. There also were a lot of shops, so ofcourse I did some shopping too. If you want to see what I bought, comment down below, then I'll make a haul blogpost.
In this post I'm going to show you some pictures I took with my phone.

The first day we went to a shopping mall. The first thing I saw was Nando's. Nando's is a restaurant where most of the meals contain chicken. Because Niall Horan always talks about how much he loves Nando's, I was really curious for it. We had dinner there and MY GOODNESS IT WAS DELICIOUS! I understand why everybody is so enthusiastic about this restaurant. I had a chicken wrap with a corncob and was a lovely dish. =)

In Singapore they have a huge candy shop called 'Candy Empire'. They had a lot of candy we don't have in Holland, so I was quite excited to try some new sweets. I'd heard a lot of positive comments about the Reese's peanut butter cups so I bought them. I also bought the Willy Wonka Gobstopper. Well... 
The Gobstopper was fine. It just tasted like sour sweets, nothing special. The peanut butter cups though. I really, really did NOT like them. It tasted like cheap peanut butter. I don't understand why everybody loves this so much. It really was a waste of money.

When we were in Singapore, it was National Day. The people celebrated the 48th birthday of Singapore. 
Because of National Day, there was a parade, fireworks and five jets did some awesome tricks in the evening.

Do you see this cute green Fanta? I bought it because I never had green Fanta before, and fruit punch sounds nice. This drink was DISGUSTING! It tasted like supersweet chewing gum, ew...

Yay, they have a Magnum Store in Singapore. In the Magnum Stores you can buy a customized magnum ice cream. I had one with dark chocolate, almonds, popping candy and chocolate hearts. It was delicious and the 7 Singapore dollars totally worth. 

As I said, I've bought a lot of new clothes. In Singapore are a lot of shops we don't have in Holland. Lucky for us, in November we'll get a Forever21 in Amsterdam!

I'll finish this with a picture I made at the airport. I had to wait for two hours so I bought some Starbucks. Do you see my black elephant leggings? 


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