Review: L'Oréal Caresse lipsticks

Hey Darlings,

So today, I've reviewed two L'Oréal Caresse lipsticks. My mom bought them for herself, but they turned out different than she expected, so she didn't like the colors. Which means: new make-up for Floor! And ofcourse I'm gonna try them out for you.

The colors I got are 12 cherry & sassy and 10 candy & cherie.

Cherry & sassy is more of a red color and candy & cherie is light pink. Both lipsticks are very shiny and contain a lot of chunky glitters, just like all Caresse lipsticks.
The package of the lipsticks is silver with transparent pastic, which I think looks a little bit tacky.

These are the swatches on my hand. The lipsticks look not very pigmented, but they have a lip balm kind of substance, so I wasn't expecting a lot of pigment anyway.

These are my lips without lipstick on them. (BTW: excuse me for that hideous spot next to my mouth)

My lips with cherry & sassy.

My lips with candy & cherie.

Wow! They're a lot more pigmented than I thought. They are both really easy to put on and even though the balmy substance, the color stays on for quite a few hours.

As I already said, they have chunky glitters, which I don't really like. I'm more of a matte lipsticks type. 
The candy & cherie lipstick totally doesn't look good on me. It makes me look tacky, but that's okay, because light pink lipcolors never look good on me, so I wasn't expecting much from it.
I really like cherry & sassy though! It's a nice color and it suits my skin tone.

So, that's it! I'm really happy with my new lipsticks, although I'll probably keep candy & cherie in my make-up drawer. ;) 
I hope you liked my review!


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