Review: L'Oréal Caresse lipsticks

Hey Darlings,

So today, I've reviewed two L'Oréal Caresse lipsticks. My mom bought them for herself, but they turned out different than she expected, so she didn't like the colors. Which means: new make-up for Floor! And ofcourse I'm gonna try them out for you.


Singapore holiday

Hey Darlings,

As you know, I went on holiday to Singapore, and it was an amazing holiday! It is a beautiful country and all the people were so nice. We stayed at a friend of my dad's house, so they brought us to many local places where you wouldn't come as a tourist. There also were a lot of shops, so ofcourse I did some shopping too. If you want to see what I bought, comment down below, then I'll make a haul blogpost.
In this post I'm going to show you some pictures I took with my phone.



Hey Darlings,

Tomorrow, I'll be on a 12 hour long flight to... SINGAPORE!!! I'm so excited! I've never been to Asia, and Singapore seems to be a trendy and bruising city. I'm going with my daddy and little sister. 
But because of my holiday, I won't be posting this week.
Thanks for understanding Darlings!