Yay, finally, my testweek is over! It went quite well, and my got good grades on most of the tests.
And now I have no school for seven weeks! And that means:

- Enjoying the sun.
Usually, the weather isn't that nice here in Holland, but this week it looks like it's finally becoming warmer, so I'm planning on getting tanned in my backyard every second the sun is out!

- Eating lots of ice cream.
I know I recently made a whole post about getting healty and fit, but I can't resist ice cream. I love it so much! My favourite flavors are chocolate, hazelnut, brownie and mango. What are your favourites? 

- Learn how to skateboard.
A few weeks ago I bought a fake pennyboard and now I'm trying to learn how to skateboard. I can skate a little bit, but I just want to be better at it, because it's so much fun. Maybe I'll buy a pennyoard when I'm better at skateboarding.

- Go on holiday.
Next week, I'm going to Spain with my mom, my sister, my stepfather and his two children. I look forward to it, because it's much warmer there and we're going to stay in a hotel in a cute village. With my father, my sister and I are probably going to Singapore and I'm also really excited about that, because I've never been to a country in Asia.

Ofcourse there are a lot of other thing I'm going to do this summer, but this is my little bucketlist I wanted to share with you. I hope you like it! 


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