OOTD: Summer, finally!

Good evening!
(I'm writing this in the evening, but if you're reading this in the morning: Good morning!)

As you may know, I live in Holland, and the weather is not very good here. But luckily for us, the sun showed itelf today! And that means: Summer clothes! In this blogpost I'm going to show you my OOTD (Outfit Of The Day)
The other day I went to Amsterdam, because a friend told me there is a Brandy Melville there and I really wanted to go there. It was a super nice shop and I bought six tanktops and a skirt. I don't wear skirts that often, but I wanted to change that, so I bought a light pink one.
Because of the good weather today, I decided to wear it. I combined it with a grey top with white lace and a grey cardigan. I paired my outfit with my grey All Stars, but they aren't in the picture.

Even though this outfit is totally different from wat I usually wear, but I definitely loved it! I'm in to wear skirts more often. I must get them first... ;)

I hope you liked my post and my outfit.

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