Fit for the summer!

Hi guys!

It's already June! Do you guys have the feeling that 2013 is going superfast? Because I do!
Because it's almost summer and it's becoming hotter outside and I like to tan on the beach in my swimsuit, I want to look fitter. I wan to be skinnier, but I also want to be just heathier.
I really like to do sports, but the problem is i have asthma, so i get out of breath really quick. Luckily, there's a solution: Pilates!

Pilates is a workout you get stronger muscles from, but it's not very exhausting. Perfect for me!
I do pilates by watching tutorial on YouTube, when I'm alone with the curtains closed, beacause I look like a total idiot... :)
Most of the time I watch videos from Cassey, she makes pilates instruction videos and her channel is called Blogilates. These are some of my favorites:

Beside doing pilates, I also try to eat healthier, even though it's really hard. I just eat less crisps and french fries and all that delicious stuff.
What I'm going to do is taking you guys with me on this journey. Maybe you want to be healthier too? Than it's really helpful to see how other people are struggling too when they try to refuse that cupcake.
I hope you guys like my post and maybe you're inspired to do pilates too!


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