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So, right now I'm studying because tomorrow I have a German test , and I thought I would just update you guys. I'm not very good at German, but hopefully I won't have it next year. 
Next week my testweek starts, and basically it means I have two weeks long two tests everyday and then... SUMMERVACATION! Omg, I so excited for summer. Not only because of the good weather, but the fact I don't have to go to school for seven weeks is just amazing.

There'only one problem: It's not sure yet if I'll pass this schoolyear. So I'm going to study really hard for testweek. (So less posting!)

So this is what my desk looks like right now. Everything I need for studying.
- Books
- My laptop
- Stuff to write
- Latte macchiato
- Agenda

This is one of the things I have to learn for German.
Well, it's time to go back and study, because I really want to pass this schoolyear! I only have three more weeks left, so I'll survive it.


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